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Follow the Money

It wasn't too long ago that Catholic Priests were being exposed by the "unsuspecting" boys they were accused of molesting and the scandal reached world wide proportions with the church being held liable for the lack of self control by their charges. Note, it was not the priests who paid the accusers to settle their complaints, but the Catholic Church. Why? Because that is where the money is. The doctrine, espoused by the Progressives was that the Catholic church was at fault because they failed to supervise their employees, not the employees lacked self control. The same argument prevailed when customers complained of foreign objects in their food at restaurants.

Money cannot remove the shame or loss but when the opportunity is presented and it appears a sure winner, why not make the charge. Those seeking sexual gratification have been groping girls and boys in order to determine if the object of our groping is willing to go further. I doubt there is a man alive who hasn't tried it. Yes, there are also women who fall into that category where men are involved. You undoubtedly hear about only a few because the men or boys involved are loath to expose success without any effort. Unfortunately, some will not take no for an answer and they lack the self control to stop. They are the one's who become rapists if not seriously dissuaded.

There will undoubtedly be many more coming forward, legitimately or otherwise now knowing they, unlike those whom Clinton groped and were branded not as victims but as low life's.

Women criticize the Muslims for treating women in a fashion that almost makes impossible the situations we are now experiencing. Social customs have come a long way yet it was not too many years ago in the U. S. when the treatment of women was very similar.

Of all the animals on the planet, humans seem to have a preoccupation to sexual activity. Maybe it is because we have too much time on our hands now that we no longer have to engage in physical labor.