Womens Soccer Cry Babies

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Womens Soccer Cry Babies

Most of the US women's soccer team must be Democrats. They are stupid and are weak on math. The linked article admits that the World Cup payouts are widely different for men and women. The men are paid $400 million while the women are paid $30 million. Not fair you say? Well the players are paid a percentage of the revenue they generate. In the last World Cup men earned $6 billion in revenue and got paid 7% of that. The ladies, however, generated only $131 million and were paid 20% of that. The women are overpaid as a percentage of revenue generated.

Megan Rapinhead can go to hell. I am sure she wears a cup.

F**k Meggy

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The last time watcher had as

The last time watcher had as much hair as Rapinoe and was able to run 20 yards without peeing himself and falling over in a heap was the Ford administration.

No wonder he’s so bitter.

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There’s one thing missing
Bruce Libby
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A quick read shows RO#2 is

A quick read shows RO#2 is the winner on this one.

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As a long time soccer fan, it

As a long time soccer fan, it's really refreshing to watch the women's game. No rolling around on the ground like a bunch of pansies and the USWNT is actually good, unlike the men's team.

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Meggy who?

Meggy who?

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The pay disparity isn't as

The pay disparity isn't as claimed...


Not only were they paid more in salary, the women also got health care AND retirement... which the men don't get.

Now there could be a disparity in endorsement earnings, but isn't that the fault of the sponsors?

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