Why does the Democratic Party hate voters?

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Why does the Democratic Party hate voters?

This week's Left Brain, Right Brain digs into the institutionalized hypocrisy of the Democratic Party:

Lance Dutson: You have to love Democrats. Everywhere you turn, they’re screaming about voter disenfranchisement.

Want people to show ID at the polls to discourage fraud? No way! That’s voter suppression. Want to give town clerks the time to process the crush of Election Day voting by asking people to register a few days ahead of time? No way! Slackers deserve to vote, too!

In Oregon, liberals have even made it so voters don’t even have to leave the couch — they can mail in their ballots. And in Maine, liberals in Portland and Lewiston have even pushed for noncitizens to be able to vote.

But now, the Democratic presidential candidate is going to be chosen by a select group of political oligarchs called superdelegates. So, Steven, is the bottom line that Democrats believe in voting, just as long as it doesn’t threaten their power?

Steven Biel: Republican efforts to suppress voting rights are an abomination, and pointing fingers at Democrats won’t change that.

You pass voter ID laws that allow people to vote with an NRA membership card but not with a student ID. The Republican Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act, allowing Republicans to shut down polling places in heavily Democratic areas. All in the name of preventing the nonexistent problem of voter impersonation.

Lance: Increasing voter participation is a laudable goal, but is that really what Democrats are interested in? Or are you just trying to game the system for partisan advantage?

This superdelegate situation is so hypocritical, it’s hard to even describe. If you believe so much in voting, why don’t you let the voters choose your nominee?


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Bruce Libby
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Is the hatred any different

Is the hatred any different than what we have seen from the R establishment
by the likes of Rat Romney and Ryan amongst many ?

David Allen
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Superdelegates should be

Superdelegates should be eliminated. The party establishment - in both parties - try as hard as they can to stay in power regardless of the will of party members. In Maine, R caucuses were spread out so far as to make it difficult for voters to attend - assuming they could find out when and where they were happening. D caucuses were so crowded - mostly by Bernie supporters - that people had to stand in line for hours to vote.
There's no way Iowa and NH should have the influence they do over presidential elections. I'm all for a national primary day where Rs get to vote for Rs and Ds get to vote for Ds. I's get to vote for an I.
I doubt the establishment would allow that to happen. Too much loss of control.

Bobby Reynolds
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Dutson wins that round.

Dutson wins that round.

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