Where is the NEWS ?

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Where is the NEWS ?

Today, October 27 @ 7:00AM ; I turn on my computer and see the regular 12 or more news stories on MSNBC and NOT ONE is about Russia, or HIllary or the DNC.

Do you think they are "controlling" the news ?

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Maybe you should start your

Maybe you should start your own network so you can dictate what news stories are important. MSNBC is Fake News… you should go right to Fox after starting your computer.

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Dewey wins!
I wonder how Truman is taking that?


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Hitler, Stalin and all of the

Hitler, Stalin and all of the world's dictators had their propaganda machines to manufacture and report news. The people who operated this government apparatus believed what they were doing and were very adept at. The difference between them and what we now know and call the Main Stream Media is that they had no opposition as the government would not allow it. That is not possible here, despite attempts to the contrary and that all important feature of our Constitution, freedom of the press.

Unlike the days of the dictators, where all the news came in the form of newspapers, the number of media, radio, television, internet and the like the government has lost the control it once had and people are better informed, not because they are interested in what is going on but, they cannot get away from it. It hounds us 24/7.

I subscribe to AOL, whether it is part of the main stream media or not is immaterial. When you look at what purports to be news and information, 80% is about female personalities marrying, divorcing or exposing themselves to get noticed. Male personalities get short shrift unless they are molesting, or divorcing women or performing wild and outrageous lyrics while dressed like a bunch of slobs.

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Calvin there will be no

Calvin there will be no coverage of the Clinton Russian collusion,bribery,play for payscandal ....but we may eventually have an investigative piece on why George Bush senior patted bubba Clinton on the rear....or some such nonsense.......

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MSM is the propaganda arm of

MSM is the propaganda arm of the DNC. Most of their analysts, commentators, and anchors are former Dem officials, part of Dem administrations or campaigns, or even elected Dems. Over 95% of the MSM are Dems. In any other industry, that would be considered discrimination. For any other demographic, that would require affirmative action. But being biased in the press is protected. Wonderful.

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