Weinstein & The Clintons

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Weinstein & The Clintons

So Weinstein was involved in the Clinton scandals, at least in the retaliation department.


Still seems that many leftists are getting away with it.

I'd forgotten Gloria Steinem's hypocritical statements at the time.

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I don’t really care about

I don’t really care about Weinstein so much, just here to post something on a toolsmith thread. Lot’s of zero response threads out here.

In any event, Weinstein seems like one of those powerful individuals who exploit women to satisfy their sexual depravities. Pretty common actually. Shoot... in today’s world, you can be elected President doing that. No big deal...

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Yea, that Clinton was a real

Yea, that Clinton was a real horn dog who used his position of power to abuse multiple women. It took the election of Trump to at least begin to bring some of the liberal women abusers to heel, although Clinton continues to skate. Just one more reason to be thankful for a Trump Presidency. It's like Christmas every day!

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Thank you Northarrow .

Thank you Northarrow .

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