The Wall and Visa Over-stays

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The Wall and Visa Over-stays

Just about every day some Liberal pus bag and some feckless Republicans wonder why we are putting so much emphasis on the Wall when the majority of illegals in America is because of visitors over staying their visa and disappearing in our country. The article linked below points out that that smug, snarky position hides a vital piece of visitors are vetted before the visa is granted. We know who they are and something about them The invaders at our southern border are completely unknown and we know nothing about them,

This omission is probably on purpose by the Left wing rectal squad and the Republicans are too dumb to know about it.

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The unknown is the real

The unknown is the real concern.

There is no point in Real ID, TSA, Sky Marshalls, passport requirments for travel, or anything else... if you're going to leave the door open, locking the windows is useless.

This will go on until a major event occurs. At this point, it is inevitable.

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