(Un)Settled Science

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(Un)Settled Science

I've argued many times that "settled science" was invented by politicians, and isn't a proper scientific term at all. Real scientists know better - any theory can turn out to be wrong. Evidence can emerge disproving the theory, flaws can be discovered in methods, and contradictory evidence can be improperly disregarded. Especially when social or political force is deployed!

The risk of "settled science" and trusting government...

SUGAR or CARBS, not FAT, the real culprit...
The original source is The Guardian:

MILK not bad for you...
Original Source is WaPo:

And, of course, EGGS and Cholesterol hysteria has already been debunked.

So, forgive me if I'm not willing to trust that gov-paid scientists are infallible on anything else...

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Theory becomes law when

Theory becomes law when continued replication of experimentation produces consistent and similar results. Some of these are the laws of thermodynamics, the laws of motion, Ohms law, the laws of mathematics, many of which are named after the individuals who first theorized and then proved them. A theory based on good or bad will never become law because you first have to dimension good or bad which is why theories about climate change will never become law and why those who can benefit from the establishment of a finite measure of good or bad strive to make you believe what they are selling.

It is like the snake oil salesman who has to plant shills in the audience to convince people to buy his elixir which is nothing more than alcohol which in quantities in excess of what the body can safely process provides a temporary sense of euphoria until the body has finally either processed the excess supply.

Hemp or Cannabis is actually one of natures most efficient foods. It is the seed, not the leaves that are nourishing, even more so than wheat. For example, hemp seed has over three times the quantity of protein, over three times the quantity of vitamin B-1, twice the quantity of B-2 and over twice the amount of calcium. It is not bad for you at all but we haven't addressed the leaves. It is the leaves that contain a mind altering chemical leading to dependency. Not so for the poppy whose seeds are just as nourishing as those of the cannabis plant but contain morphine. The seeds are used as flavoring in cakes and pastries and as a young boy I thoroughly enjoyed my great grandmothers poppy seed cake but fortunately not enough to become addicted. As a consequence of the latter the USDA regulates the amount of poppy seeds that can be used in commercially available products or as in the case of hemp bans its growing completely.

These bans and regulations are not permitted under the constitutions of either the country or the states because they preclude self governance which the people never ceded to their government. In the case of both hemp and poppy seeds the knowledge that consuming the leaves of the cannabis plant or eating too many poppy seeds is harmful to your health is sufficient for a rational person to avoid doing so through self governance.

As with alcohol and tobacco the government is well aware that banning a substance is ineffectual because it cannot police it. It is now coming to grips with narcotics, not because the ban is ineffective but how to obtain revenue from its distribution which it has not been able to control. The problem with cannabis and the poppy is that if they remove the restrictions farmers will convert other kcal production that has no harmful side effects to cannabis. The problem with poppies is the very small quantity of morphine in each plant and it all comes down to economics.

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A key part of the Earth’s

A key part of the Earth’s ozone layer is failing to heal and scientists don’t know why


"The rescue of the planet’s protective ozone layer has been hailed as one of the great success stories of modern environmental regulation — but on Monday, an international team of 22 scientists raised doubts about whether ozone is actually recovering as expected across much of the world. . . "

Straight from the Murphy Brown/Roseanne Barr Sitcom Resurrection Handbook: No one is paying any attention to the new crap we've tried flinging so, why not resurrect some old crap and see if it's got any 'bouquet' left in it?

By the way, I've got a '95 F-250 and the A/C blows cold, thank you. Just in case, does anyone know whether it takes the new or old style refrigerant . . not that it matters.

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Ozone, like all other

Ozone, like all other elements and compounds that make up the earth is constantly being created from other elements through radiation from ultraviolet spectrum waves generated by he Sun its own decay as it cools. It is a conversion of the oxygen layer. The next layer in the atmosphere is fluorine, also a gas that has been released by that same radiation from the multitude of fluoride compounds that cover the earth. As an element it is highly reactive, particularly with ozone forming hydrofluorocarbons. This reaction is hastened by the natural mixing of the earths atmosphere due to its rotation. That rotation causes the bulk of the ozone being created being concentrated from the equator outwardly thinning toward the poles. Natural degradation of ozone has been enhanced by man by creating fluorohydrocarbons such as Freon, whose manufacture has since been banned.

The Ozone layer, like all the other layers of gases is difficult to measure because of the mixing effect of the earth's rotation but if you can convince yourself that the depletion of the layer would have harmful effects on man and you could make money from allaying that fear you can certainly find areas where the layer is thicker than others. Need I say more and does climate change come to mind?

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Nutrition science is

Nutrition science is particularly bad, because
1) It's expensive to do experiments on people, and the cheaper experiments (food logs) tend to be situations where people lie
2) There are industrial forces at play. The food pyramid, for example, has been manipulated by big farm to suit their interests (in the same way that big oil throws uncertainty and doubt in climate change science). When in doubt, follow the money.

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It is difficult to dispute

It is difficult to dispute pure gibberish. When you put forth a cogent argument I will be happy to respond.

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