Unemployment claims

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Unemployment claims

In 2015 approximately 2 million men and women were transitioning from being 19 years of age and 20 years of age. At the same time, approximately 1.1 million men and women were going from 64 years of age to being 65 years of age. If everyone in between were employed it would mean that 900 thousand new jobs would have to be created if they were to be able to earn a living. That works out to 75 thousand new jobs every month and does not include the replacements for those who are retiring.

We know that not all those between the age of 20 and 65 are employed. What we do know is that they are either working for a living for themselves, being supported as dependents, living on the government dole or, destitute and homeless.

When counting employment, the government discounts the retirees because they are no longer in the workforce. If their employer hires a replacement it is counted as a new job being created. If they are laid off because of lack of work or their employer has gone out of business they are able to be counted only so long as they are collecting unemployment benefits and then they are dropped because the government is no longer able to track them, particularly if they do not find another job that requires payment into the Social Security system. Such jobs are day labor paid in cash, working for an employer that has fewer than 5 employees or, in the underground economy such as the drug trade or other illicit businesses.

If a youngster goes on to college he is unknown to the labor department and not counted in the labor force until graduation or they find a job that requires Social Security payments be deducted from their wages or salary or if they become self-employed and voluntarily file tax returns and pay Social Security and Medicare payments. If a high school or college graduate does not find a job, they cannot be counted as unemployed because the labor department has no way of knowing their employment status.

Your social security number consists of 9 digits. The first three digits are used to designate the office from which it was issued. The use of the number combinations has changed over time and their significance has been modified but the ultimate limit of 999-99-9999 has yet to be reached and will not for many years. It can be concluded therefore that the government has not issued duplicate numbers.

Since the advent of direct deposits the fraudulent activity of the Social Security system was the interception of physical checks and forging of the payee’s signature. It could only be perpetrated once if the person were alive and able to report missing a payment. This has been overcome by requiring notification of death of every person to the government.

As there is no way for the government to know who is employed and who is not except for those actually paying into the system, the government has no way to determine how many people who could be working and aren’t. To make estimates based on random sampling is inaccurate because there are too many variables that determine who is working and who is not. For example; a person who is in the underground economy is not going to admit they are employed and since the government cannot contact them in the first place, the sample size would have to be enormous to attain any accuracy.

The only conclusion one can draw from the government’s reporting is that it is wrong, just as is the estimate of the population, even at the time of a census which is taken only once every ten years and only includes those persons for whom the government has an address.

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that the government has never been accurate in the determination of employment or unemployment and any actions based on this inaccuracy is likely to be the wrong as well. The fact still remains, that 75,000 required jobs each month are not being created, resulting in more people unable to earn a living, let alone support a family. The fact that this situation is worse in neighboring countries is the reason for the massive migration of those who can make it across our borders, encouraged by the idiots who run our government and who support them. This in spite of the fact there are no more jobs unless they are taken from those already employed or are employed in industries subsidized by the government. They however eat and we must now import food to feed over 50 million.