UK goes berzerk

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UK goes berzerk

The British National Health refuses to release a dying baby to his parents for treatment in America saying it is for the child's benefit that he die. This is what government control of health care always gets to. Th pencil necked geeks decide who lives and who dies. Oh-Bozo must be smiling now.

Death is good

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Yeah as lefty as I am, I don

Yeah as lefty as I am, I don't really like the idea of death panels, unless they are literally just a cost figure above which things aren't covered.

This does raise a great issue, which is, "who decides what is covered by insurance"?

So either:
1) a government panel
2) the "free market", which is slightly tricky because most people will not select insurance based on whether an experimental treatment for a 1 in a million genetic disease is covered. In this case you run the risk of just ending up insurance that covers boner pills and high blood pressure meds (i.e. the lowest common denominator)
3) or you cover everything and everyone pays a ton in premiums. (Obamacare)

I am for free market solutions, but as I mentioned, this isn't just buying and selling widgets, there are subtleties to the problem which I haven't completely worked out.

It hate to be morbid, but the kid's chances were exceedingly slim when he won the genetic death lottery... but who decides how he dies is still relevant.

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This should provide some sense of just how utterly useless and dishonest the MSM has become. Obviously if Trump cured cancer he'd be grandstanding. This moron is a good representation of the rhetorical carcinoma that passes for news these days

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