Uh Oh! Cracks in Michaud's Pro-Life Veneer

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Uh Oh! Cracks in Michaud's Pro-Life Veneer

[i]Editor's Note: Assuming the letter writer thinks Congressman Michaud is a Republican, shouldn't the Capital Weekly have caught and corrected the error?[/i]

May 23, 2007
Letters to the Editor

Pro-life congressman flip-flops mandates morning-after pill

Rep. Michael Michaud (R-2nd District) added an amendment to the Department of Defense Reauthorization Bill that mandates that military bases stock and distribute the morning-after pill as part of their "Basic Core Formulary," making an abortifacient drug on the same level as aspirin and cough medicine.

"This is another political flip-flop," said Charla Bansley, State Director of Concerned Women for America of Maine. "Rep. Michaud [campaigns] as a pro-life.... The morning-after pill is...not pro-life."