TV remote to soon be obsolete? Change channels using gestures.

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Tom C
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TV remote to soon be obsolete? Change channels using gestures.

The television remote could become a thing of the past according to scientists who have developed a new technology that allows the device to be controlled through gestures instead.

End of the TV remote could be nigh as scientists invent technology to change channel using gestures

I often make gestures at the TV, especially during the news.

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Yes, but what channel does

Yes, but what channel does that gesture change to? ;-)

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Tom C's gestures at the TV

Tom C's gestures at the TV probably involve Vaseline.


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A guy walks into a bar . .

A guy walks into a bar . .

I was in a bar and talking with a stranger. Another guy walks in and two steps in, his phone rings. He wrestled it out of his pocket and dropped it. At that moment, all the TVs changed channels. He picked up his phone, swore at it and walked out. The bartender picked up a remote and reset the TVs. The bartender explained that the lost customer must have the same satellite service as the bar's and the satellite's app on his phone.

The conversation with the stranger concluded with 'the phone is too powerful to chance a drop and is therefore the friendly, meandering gateway to our chip implants.' So, yes, gesture surfing is imminent. I'll look forward to giving the finger to an ATM and having it spit cash. Oh wait! What's cash?

I have never had a satellite service. I haven't had a TV or cable since '75 channels and nothing on' went from $30 to 40 dollars a month.

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