Trump & Amazon

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Trump & Amazon

Sorry for the slightly old news but I have been busy:

Huh? Um if amazon increases the number of items the USPS ships, doesn't that increase their revenue? If not, maybe the business model is broken (which is on the USPS, and not amazon)?

(Furthermore, most of the USPS problems are pension-related, like all aging institutions.)

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Cheeto von Douchenozzle is

Cheeto von Douchenozzle is just mad that Mr. Bezos has more money than him, and also owns the Washington Post.

There is no factual evidence for his claim. (Or most anything else that festers from his rancid pie-hole, for that matter.)

It's a sad state of affairs when a sitting POTUS denigrates a successful American company, yet can't seem to do the same to Vladimir Putin.

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Oooooooh, thanks for posting

Oooooooh, thanks for posting that! I so enjoy watching the orange nosers here bending themselves into pretzels justifying and rationalizing Trump's ignorance. While you're at it guys, tell us how that marauding horde marching toward the border intends to take advantage of DACA.

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