Terminator Tantrum Thankfully He Won't Be Back.....

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Terminator Tantrum Thankfully He Won't Be Back.....

I'll wager that the terminator isn't puttering about in a little electric car or foregoing jet travel or even running his homes on all green energy......, another Holywood (that's right Holier than thou wood) hypocrite....During a live recording of Politico's Off Message podcast Sunday, the former California governor revealed his plan to sue oil companies, drawing a comparison to how tobacco companies hid details about how harmful their products were for consumers.


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The brain-dead Liberal twinky

The brain-dead Liberal twinky...Ahhhnold is a perfect example of a posturing hypocrite. When he was the silly gubbinator, he flew a private jet almost every day from his home to his office in California. He said that is not a problem because he bought carbon credits. He also said he would like to kill climate deniers. What a simpleton.

Muscle Brain

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