SUVs killing pedestrians, or something else?

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SUVs killing pedestrians, or something else?

This article claims that SUVs are the cause. I think too many other factors have changed in the same time period to be so sure.

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Agreed. More fake news; the

Agreed. More fake news; the title of the article in no way reflects the information in the body. There were 8,000 pedestrian deaths in 1979 (US pop 225.1 million - 3.55 deaths per 100,000) and 5,987 in 2016 (US pop 323.4 million - 1.85/100,000); this is a 48% decrease. There is more information in the article that disputes the title; this is typical MSN junk. We've been taking note for decades that the Maine news readers on each channel never fail to stare glumly into the camera and announce "The SUV crashed into..." when there is that type of vehicle involved. It's another attempt at social norming, which should be resisted at each occurrence.

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Who created the SUV thing?

Who created the SUV thing?

Well he same liberals eco nuts who decried emissions fro great big cars like, Station wagons.
So vis gas economy standards forced vans upon the market and people. Of course the same liberal /eco s were a little
to smart ,forgetting that the standards didn't apply to pickup trucks! Hence manufactures gave birth to those lovely SUV's ( a pickup frame with a SUV body).

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