Stalking Horse Race 2020

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Stalking Horse Race 2020

Is the whole Dem field of candidates just a bunch of Stalking Horses?

Some have suggested that each micro-triggered constituency has a "horse" in the race to rile them up for the big event, but all these candidates will be dumped later in an attempt to fold all those reinvigorated groups into a single campaign at the end.

If so, the question is... who is the intended ultimate candidate?

Could it be...

Is even Biden just a placeholder - there only until he stumbles and the party can be rescued by HER?

The Guardian is clearly pushing this possibility. It's not clear to me why, but the stories on it keep coming at regular intervals.

Someone else?

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Bernie and Lizzy's

Bernie and Lizzy's supporters will not go to the polls if they nominate hilarity.......proof to them that the whole system is rigged.....

Besides bernie and lizzy are way to convinced of their own manifest destiny to be president to give up and go home....

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