SpaceX pushes Progressive buttons!

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SpaceX pushes Progressive buttons!

Elon Musk launches his car into space, and the left goes crazy...

The article is amazing. Socialism, Communism, Collectivist, Totalitarian... and ending with Reverse Racism (white privilege).

If we followed their rules, one person being on the street would end all human progress and achievement. The problem with this is that many of the things that made life better were created by those attempts at progress and achievement.

I hope folks can find more ways to push their buttons... it reveals their foolishness better than anything else!

Bruce Libby
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Maybe he should have kept the
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The idea of an astronaut is a

The idea of an astronaut is a sports car is pure genius. I like everything about it.

Mike G
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Musk’s empire is fueled by

Musk’s empire is fueled by billions of dollars in government subsidies. The Los Angeles Times revealed in 2015 that Musk’s companies benefited from “grants, tax breaks, factory construction, discounted loans and environmental credits”, plus the tax credits and rebates that are granted to consumers for buying his products.

Other than much of the article, this is what should be the point, why have Americans funded Tesla?

Why did America bail out GM and Chrysler?

Why does the FED buy corporate bonds as part of QE? Why does the plunge protection team do the same for the stock market?

Why is Jeff Bezos, the number one American billionaire, given tax breaks to site his distribution centers? The guy owns Amazon and WaPo

The merging of state and corporate powers <--- fascism

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Musk has often said that,

Musk has often said that, while the rest of the world scoffed at the 'Government Grant, Loan and Giveaway' books hawked on TV, he was scooping them up.

Mike G
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If they giveth we shall take,

If they giveth we shall take, even if you're a white man and they play the game around privilege, and then cheer, then scorn those that gave it to you.

We are going through a cultural revolution you know, at some moment I'll be pointing an M1 garand at someone on my lawn, then I'll be invited over for dinner, or in another taking a 1000 yard shot at some hadjie, the videos goes on...........

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MikeG during China’s cultural

MikeG during China’s cultural revolution,they were all wearing Mao hats and carrying the red book.....I foresee the revolutionaries here wearing vigina hats and eating Tide pods......and carrying their IPhones....

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