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Solar power is feasible but

Solar power is feasible but neither economical nor adequate. The U. S. alone uses 4,000,000,000,000,000 watts or 4,000 terawatts of power each day. Calculate how many solar panels generating about 1350 watts and you will come to the same conclusion.

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@charlotte: "I wonder with

@charlotte: "I wonder with the solar rebates being removed if solar is still feasible?"

The short answer is, it depends on where you live.

Since electricity prices vary pretty dramatically from state to state, and the annual amount of sunshine varies dramatically as well, it comes down to a cost benefit of one versus the other.

Here is an excessively detailed summary of the cost of solar:

If you skip ahead to appendix B, you can see the rough cost per kWh in a few different locations, with and without the tax credit (ITC is the tax credit).

Here is a summary of electricity costs:

So, if you live in Kansas (where fossil fuels are plentiful), it'll be cheaper to go w/ fossil fuels - if you live in Arizona (where sun is plentiful) or NY (where electricity is expensive), then solar wins.

It's also worth noting that the Chinese manufacturing machine continues to drive down prices on panels, so there's a good chance it'll be a no brainer in a few years.


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