Social Justice (n) definition [ ]

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Social Justice (n) definition [ ]

The most on-target definition of "woke" social justice:

"Woke" apparently means successfully brainwashed...

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From the article:

From the article - lies demolished and truth delivered in one tongue-in-cheek swing of the sword:

What’s wrong with plain old biblical justice?

Biblical justice doesn’t account for all of the unique oppressions that different groups today face. The God of the universe couldn’t have possibly seen this far ahead. So we’ve got to fill in the gaps. When Paul wrote that Christians are all one in Christ Jesus, he pretty obviously meant that we should be divided along racial lines and work hard at stirring up resentment.

Is the gospel enough to redeem sinful society?

I mean, the gospel is just alright with us, but is it powerful enough to turn sin on its head and begin reforming society from the inside out as more people see the glory of Christ? Meh. Better institute some coercive social programs to help out, just to be sure.

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Social justice is not justice

Social justice is not justice.

Equal rights are not equal

Just about everything the lefties say is a lie.

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I believe Shelby Steele said

I believe Shelby Steele said last week that "social justice" simply amounts to blacks seeking power over "white privilege."

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