Should Hillary Clinton go to jail?

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"BUT I didn't intend to break

"BUT I didn't intend to break the law and besides; I may be nominated to run for President. On that you can't possibly find me guilty."

Melvin Udall
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Picture this in a Peter Lorre

Picture this in a Peter Lorre voice:

"I didn't mean to kill her; she said she was cold, so I set her dress on fire."

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Not a bad idea Mel but she is

Not a bad idea Mel but she is so cold, I think even the fire would freeze.

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Beloved DNC Staffer Seth Rich

Beloved DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shot Dead in the Back in DC, Just Hours After Calling For Dallas Unity; Conspiracy Theories Abound

Is this the work of the Clinton Crime Consortium making a statement to her other staffers to keep their mouths shut? It''s not like she doesn't have a trail of dead bodies throughout her career.

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(No subject)

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Reviving this thread with an

Reviving this thread with an update.

Court Ordered Discovery Into Hillary Clinton Has Begun
February 2, 2019 at 4:46pm

The court ordered discovery into Hillary Clinton has now begun.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton announced that his group has begun court-ordered discovery on Clinton emails/Benghazi scandal. Mrs. Clinton’s lawyer will testify under oath. Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes will have to answer written questions under oath on Benghazi.”

Judicial Watch explained what it is doing in its press release.

Judicial Watch announced today that United States District Judge Royce C. Lamberth ruled that discovery can begin in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Obama administration senior State Department officials, lawyers, and Clinton aides will now be deposed under oath. Senior officials — including Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Jacob Sullivan, and FBI official E.W. Priestap — will now have to answer Judicial Watch’s written questions under oath. The court rejected the DOJ and State Department’s objections to Judicial Watch’s court-ordered discovery plan. (The court, in ordering a discovery plan last month, ruled that the Clinton email system was “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.”)

Judicial Watch’s discovery will seek answers to:

Whether Clinton intentionally attempted to evade the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by using a non-government email system;

whether the State Department’s efforts to settle this case beginning in late 2014 amounted to bad faith; and
whether the State Department adequately searched for records responsive to Judicial Watch’s FOIA request.

Discovery is scheduled to be completed within 120 days. The court will hold a post-discovery hearing to determine if Judicial Watch may also depose additional witnesses, including Clinton and her former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills.

Judge Lamberth ordered written responses under oath to Judicial Watch’s questions
from Obama administration senior officials Rice, Rhodes and Sullivan, and former FBI official Priestap. Rice and Rhodes will answer interrogatories under oath on the Benghazi scandal. Rejecting the State and Justice Department objections to discovery on the infamous Benghazi talking points, Judge Lamberth reiterated:

Yet Rice’s talking points and State’s understanding of the attack play an unavoidably central role in this case: information about the points’ development and content, as well as their discussion and dissemination before and after Rice’s appearances could reveal unsearched, relevant records; State’s role in the points’ content and development could shed light on Clinton’s motives for shielding her emails from FOIA requesters or on State’s reluctance to search her emails.

Judicial Watch also may serve interrogatories on Monica Hanley, a former staff member in the State Department’s Office of the Secretary, and on Lauren Jiloty, Clinton’s former special assistant.

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And I must add, God Bless

And I must add, God Bless Judicial Watch.

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I don't remember ,I have no

I don't remember ,I have no recollection, I have no knowledge of....... over and over and over....... Nothing happens ,nothing ever.
How about Debbie bow wow washerman Shultz?That whole Pakistani computer compromise ,just disappeared....


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