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Senator Anquish responds

This is ass backwards ,my email to King is at the bottom his response is at the o man he is really listening to the Maine voter...

Thank you for contacting me. Please accept this automated response as acknowledgement that I have received your communication. I am honored to represent you and the State of Maine here in the United States Senate. If you need immediate assistance, please contact the staff in one of my offices; their locations and phone numbers are below.

I place great emphasis on making sure each message I receive is reviewed, responded to, and used to inform my work in Washington. I appreciate the chance to hear what's on your mind. Thank you for reaching out.

Best Regards,

Senator Angus S. King, Jr.

Toll-free from within Maine: 1-800-432-1599

133 Hart Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
(202) 224-5344

4 Gabriel Drive
Suite F1
Augusta, ME 04330
(207) 622-8292

202 Harlow St., Suite 20350
Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: (207) 945-8000

169 Academy Street
Suite A
Presque Isle, ME 04769
(207) 764-5124

383 U.S. Route 1
Suite 1C
Scarborough, ME 04074

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Senator King ,you never fail to disappoint. Before you heard one word from Judge Kavanaugh's accuser you said you believed her. Your no vote just reaffirms my belief that you do not represent fair minded people in Maine.

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Agnes is always inspirational

Agnes is always inspirational-generally inspiring a gag reflex in those with an IQ over 40.

Melvin Udall
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Hey! You left out mattzine,

Hey! You left out mattzine, you sexist!

Moving Forward
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*** Eric Brakey for US Senate ***
is a no brainer, but we need to help make sure people get out and vote.

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Thank you for contacting me

At least Seanator Collins could compose a real response to questions about Kavanaugh.......albeit a form letter .

Thank you for contacting me about the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the United States Supreme Court. I appreciate your taking the time to do so.

During my Senate service, I have voted to confirm six Supreme Court justices. Over the past thirty years, the Supreme Court nomination process has become increasingly contentious, and this time was no exception. In fact, the confirmation process reached, in my view, an unprecedented level of dysfunctionality – from interest groups and senators announcing their opposition to the nominee before his identity was even known, to the spreading of misrepresentations and outright falsehoods about Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial record.

I have always opposed litmus tests for judicial nominees with respect to their personal views or politics, but I fully expect all judges to put aside any and all personal preferences in deciding the cases that come before them. One thing I never consider is which political party controls the White House. As a result, I have voted for Justices Roberts and Alito, who were nominated by President Bush, Justices Sotomayor and Kagan, who were nominated by President Obama, and Justice Gorsuch, who was nominated by President Trump.

My evaluation of Judge Kavanaugh included reviewing his 12-year record on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, including his more than 300 opinions and his many speeches and law review articles. Nineteen attorneys, including lawyers from the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, briefed me many times each week and assisted me in evaluating his extensive record. I met with Judge Kavanaugh for more than two hours in my office, and spoke with him a second time by phone for another hour to ask him very specific additional questions. I listened carefully to the testimony at the Judiciary Committee hearings and spoke with people who know Judge Kavanaugh personally. I also met with thousands of Mainers on both ends of the political spectrum, including survivors of sexual assault.

Throughout this process, I was alarmed and disturbed by those who suggested that unless Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination was rejected, the Senate would be condoning sexual assault. This is not true. I am grateful for the courage of those survivors with whom I spoke and who have chosen to come forward to share their experiences. I hope that in heightening public awareness, they have also lightened the burden that they had been quietly bearing for many years. Their courage is one of the many reasons why I was emphatic that the Senate investigate and evaluate the serious allegations of sexual assault.

When allegations of misconduct against Judge Kavanaugh surfaced late in the confirmation process, I called upon the Judiciary Committee to hold a public hearing at which Dr. Christine Blasey Ford could testify. I listened carefully to Professor Ford’s testimony, which I found to be sincere, painful, and compelling. I believe that she is a survivor of a sexual assault and that this trauma has upended her life. Significantly, however, none of the four witnesses named by Professor Ford could corroborate any of the events of the evening gathering where she said the assault occurred. Judge Kavanaugh forcefully denied the allegations levied against him under penalty of perjury. Following the hearing, I pushed for the FBI supplemental background investigation into the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh. The FBI contacted 11 people, 10 of whom agreed to be interviewed. It produced 12 detailed reports summarizing the witness interviews as well as supporting materials cited by the witnesses.

In evaluating any given claim of misconduct, however, we will be ill served in the long run if we abandon the presumption of innocence and fairness, tempting though it may be. We must always remember that it is when passions are most inflamed that fairness is most in jeopardy.

After reviewing all of the information before me, on Friday, October 5, I announced my decision to support Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. He was confirmed by a vote of 50-48. To read my full statement or watch a video of my remarks, you can visit:

Again, thank you for contacting me.


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