Save Us! Make more laws!

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Save Us! Make more laws!

A good opinion on why we shouldn't expect the nanny state to save us from ourselves.

And note the "correlation does not imply causation" reference. Most time, when "science" is invoked, this is exactly what's really going on. And it's often incorrect.

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Well, to be fair, when they

Well, to be fair, when they banned smoking indoors in NYC (I was there, there were a lot of bitchy smokers standing outside in the cold cursing out Bloomberg), a lot of people who wanted to quit but were unable to took the opportunity to quit for good.

So, while I don't really care one way or the other on this law (I generally disagree with nanny state laws, unless they have to do with children, like car seat laws), I would very much expect that smoking would go down with the passage of the law.

Sure, anyone can get cigarettes, but it raises the cost of getting them if you have to have someone else buy them for you.

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