Russian Collusion... with Environmentalists?

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Russian Collusion... with Environmentalists?

Apparently, Russia is adding to the long list of "useful idiots"... the anti-fracking groups are being funded by Russia, to prop up Russia's carbon profits.

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The Russians will use

The Russians will use whatever Tool they can get their hands on.

Roger Ek
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The envirofacists,

The envirofacists, Islamofascists and Russian oligarchs all have the same agendas for us. It has been so since their patron saint, Vladimir Lenin announced his goals for us and the rest of the human race. Whether it is the UN Convention on Biodiversity, Agenda 21 which is their agenda for the 21'st century or Gateway 1 along the Maine Coast, they are all shared goals for us. That goal is "no human use" of any kind of our natural resources.

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