Right side of History? Not so much...

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Right side of History? Not so much...
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His remarks are far from

His remarks are far from profound because he denies history as being unpredictable and tomorrows world is a crap shoot and uninfluenced by events of the past. This sort of thinking got us where we are today. When a very small minority got the government to ban the manufacture and distribution of alcoholic beverages nit unleashed a rash of lawlessness we have not seen before. The law was unconstitutional on its face and so was the amendment that was supposed to make it so. We wiped the slate clean with repeal and the lawlessness went away.

Faced with the same problem with tobacco we did not ban it but tried to tax it our existence and failed, except those that now smoke have to pay. The percentage of the population that smoke heavily has not changed but at least there is no crime wave and those who abuse tobacco hurt only themselves, just like those who overindulge in alcohol, except they occasionally take someone with them when the drive.

We are now facing consequences of banning opioids and marijuana. The criminal element caught in this mess now take up over half the space in our jails at $60,000 per year per convict. All this because about 30,000 people die each year from overdosing. That is less than one ten thousandth of the population. Hardly anything a rational person would call a crisis. Again, these people hurt only themselves but a small minority of the population, like the dries of the 1920s have gotten the government to spend millions trying to rehabilitate them.

You could have seen this coming from the lessons of the past and yet we continue to refuse to acknowledge the linear lessons it provides us.

The underlying cause of all these so-called problems is overpopulation and the government's control of the economy to continue to accommodate an unequal distribution nature's wealth. We are very close to the point where government will have to start rationing what remains of nature's wealth. My two books describe what is going to happen and how the government has done it. It also identifies the countries where it is already happening, including the United States. Fortunately if offers an alternative but we are soon to run out of time to implement it.

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Finally....a book that clears

Finally....a book that clears things up and shows the way....the only way....to salvation.

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