The Right to be Wrong

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The Right to be Wrong

It's tyranny whenever someone decides that being wrong is a crime... and because they own the truth, you must be wrong.

Newspeak is everywhere now. Tolerance now means you agree with them - or else!

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The Progressives have won.

The Progressives have won. It is only fair that they rub it in.

Moving Forward
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Senator Susan Collins

Senator Susan Collins certainly has the right to be wrong,
but we also have the right to hold her accountable for her endless bad decisions.

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I thought you were leaving

I thought you were leaving the state?

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Susie isn't going away until

Susie isn't going away until she gathers as much loot as Olympia got away with,so just hold your water..

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Suze is the Democrat's "Uncle

Suze is the Democrat's "Uncle Tom".
They'll vote for her just to be able to tell their friends that they're open minded and bipartisan.
She's still a Democrat for all intents and purposes, as is Anus King.

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