Rep. Vaughn: How to Keep Your Eyes on The Legislature

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Michael Vaughan
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Rep. Vaughn: How to Keep Your Eyes on The Legislature

Although I believe AMG members are fairly adept with their computer skills, I thought it might be a good idea to give you the"¦

[b][size=18]Legislative Oversight Toolbox:[/size][/b]

[b]Internet Audio Feeds:[/b]




[b]Search Engines:[/b]

In order to find and track bills it is good to find their LD (legislative document) number.

This can be done with the [url=]Advanced LD Search[/url]

It is useful in several ways as you can type in one keyword from either the text or title of the bill (try both separately) or the name of State Rep or Senator who sponsored the bill.

Once you have the LD # you can track the progress or disposition of a bill using [url=]The LD Status Search[/url]

This allows you to type in the LD # and see: who sponsored it, what committee it was referred to, if it was sent out of committee, the language and exact text of the bill, any amendments, and any roll calls from the House or Senate.

[url=]List of bill requests by legislator[/url]

[b]NEW![/b] Here is a new and improved Legislative Tracking Website: [url=]Maine Votes[/url]


To find out when the legislature is in session, go to [url=]Session Schedule[/url]

For a look at our daily agenda, go to: [url=]House Calendar[/url]

[b]Committee Information:[/b]

[url=]Joint Standing Committes[/url]

To find specific bill hearings and work sessions in Committee:

[url=]An advance notice of public hearings.[/url]

[url=]Public hearing listing by Committee and LD #[/url]

[url=]Work session by Committee and LD #[/url]

[url= participation in Public Hearings and sessions[/url]

[b]To find Legislators:[/b]

[url=]Find your Legiscritter[/url]

[url=]House Members Alphabetical[/url]

If you click on the name of the selected legislator, you can see their contact information and at the bottom of the page, the specific bills they sponsored.

Hope this helps

Michael Vaughan