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The TSA apparently doesn't have enough to do so they apparently now have invented a new need to monitor US citizens when they travel. Lacking any suspicion or probable cause, they are creating yet another bit of federal Orwellian societal proctology while our borders hemorrhage illegals who are often murderers, gang-bangers, welfare burdens, and reintroduce ailments that were formerly thought to be ancient history. The feds are re-proving the old saying of "trust me" is just government's way of saying screw you. It further seems that the union's "don't kill the job" is alive and well with a caveat, that being don't kill our job(s), but only the ones WE choose to do, those having nothing to do with the wants or needs of the electorate. After all, it is of course racist to object to some illegal bringing bubonic plague into the public school system.