Quibbles with Quotes ~ Refresher

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Quibbles with Quotes ~ Refresher

For those who are new to AMG (and maybe some members who need a reminder), here's the scoop on using the QUOTE feature:

* Please don't use it if you're on the same page as the post to which you're responding. Instead, please use the POST REPLY button, located at the bottom left of your screen. You can simply address your new post to the person who wrote the original, using their name. It works, trust me. People will be able to follow the conversation.

* If you're on a page following the one that holds the post to which you're responding, you may use the QUOTE feature. However, please only quote the relevant, necessary parts of the other post. Please do not automatically quote the entire post.

This does several things - it uses less bandwidth, and it keeps the pages from getting too cluttered with non-essential type.

Thanks to all, for your cooperation.

~ Ms. Moderation

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