Public Playlist? Not a good idea...

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Public Playlist? Not a good idea...

Soon, they will use that facebook & iTunes data to cart you off to the nuthouse... or jail.

Not posting anything where it can be snooped anymore...

Tom C
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Actually, screening for

Actually, screening for psychopaths might not be the greatest business decision, since sociopaths and psychopaths tend to do very well in business and politics, as they are very results-oriented.

My musical tastes tend to run toward jazz, with a bit of classical, and a tendency toward music with off-beat rythyms, such as Latin, reggae, ska, etc., and even have a bit of a taste for middle eastern and Indian music, on occasion, though not for long periods of time. I like West African sounds and dance, as well, and can listen to those for hours.

Rap, though, not so much.

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