Pronoun-ce it correctly

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Pronoun-ce it correctly

More stupidity. Can you even tell the difference between many of these when spoken?

If they're not careful, we're just going to call them all "IT" since we can't tell by sight OR sound.

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And you wonder why them

And you wonder why them Moozlims wanna kill us.

Tom C
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Oddly enough, I found myself

Oddly enough, I found myself at the far-left Evergreen College not long ago. At a food booth, I was waited on by a rather flamboyant androgynous fellow with a bit of a stubble.

After he served me my food, I politely said: "Thank you, sir."

The guy scowled and glared daggers at me. How dare I assume he wanted to be called by a male honorific!

Just trying to be a nice guy... But instead, I showed myself to be a hater!

Oh, the guilt and shame!

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