Pivot Point for Trump

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Pivot Point for Trump

There is a huge blow-back towards Trump from the rank and file ICE agents. They are saying he has betrayed them by ignoring the idiot regulations being enforced by senior offices put in place by Obozo.

Two of the inane rules, which speaks volumes about the incompetence of booth Obozo and the Obozo era jerks running ICE, are:

a) Agents are forbidden to wear bullet proof vests when enforcing immigration law in the dangerous "badlands" area of Philadelphia because the brass are afraid it would offend the immigrants there and,

b) In one Utah city, ICE officers are required to give 7 days notice before arresting anyone. Not surprisingly, by the time they get the OK, the offender is long gone.

Why has Trump "forgotten" that Obozo and his minions have promulgated stupid, useless and dangerous rules about ICE operations? If he does not jump all over this he is a dunce.

The fact that such stupid rules are actually in effect means we have really dumb people in charge of our law enforcement all over America and we the people are stupid to let this happen and many heads need to roll.

Dumb Law Enforcement