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Penzey Spice

My wife received an email from the spice retailer...Penzeys Spices. In the email they go full out Democrat Liberal and want their customers to vote Democrat because Republicans are evil. They suggest their Senator,Tammy Baldwin is a hero. Why is never clear.

The link below is a TV interview where she was asked a great question... "Were you as upset about the separation of immigrant children when Obama did it? Did you raise your voice."

The answer is clearly NO but this schmuckette cannot bring herself to tell the truth.

While I commend the Penzey people for speaking their mind, they will suffer the consequences of condemning 50% of their customers. My wife severed all ties with Penzey and will no longer purchase their products.

Penzey is ruining their business

The second link is to an article by the American Conservative covering the same subject. Bill Penzey is a feckless sh*t-head.

Bill Penzey Sucks

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Lefties have completely lost

Lefties have completely lost their minds. They have no attachment to reality at all.

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Nor do those who pay these prices .

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in re mattzine,

in re mattzine,
"Those who believe without reason cannot be convinced by reason." -James Randi, magician and skeptic (b. 7 Aug 1928)

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Mattybubbles wouldn't know

Mattybubbles wouldn't know reason if it slapped him upside the head.

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