Ebay or Amazon?

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Tom C
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Ebay or Amazon?

Because I live in the Maine woods, my shopping choices are pretty limited. Reny's, Hannaford, the dollar store, True Value and the junk stores that pretend they are antique shops.

I'll shop locally if I can, but a lamp for my music stand? Yeah, maybe if I drive an hour and a half to Portland.

So I buy a lot of stuff on line.

For a long time I used ebay to buy a lot of stuff - quick and easy, and I'd get whatever it was in a week or so, delivered right to my PO Box.

Lately, though paypal has been having a lot of trouble processing payments. Paypal has generally been known for its lousy customer service, but it's getting unmanageable lately. The customer service at Paypal and Ebay has completely gone over the deep end. They can't solve problems, don't know what's going on, and whatever the problem is, they tell me it's my fault. It is a completely miserable experience.

So, while I'm not a big fan of Bezos, I've started using Amazon.

What a pleasure! Easy to pay, very fast shipping, and while I haven't had to use it, a great return policy.

With Amazon - there haven't been problems!

Let's see - miserable and aggravate experience shopping, or simple and enjoyable experience shopping.

Such a hard decision!

Bruce Libby
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Quit Ebay long ago. Had

Quit Ebay long ago. Had problem getting a delivery from a seller took to long for them to correct issue. Then had problem with communications on a
second attempt to get a purchase. Finally gave up on Ebay help and contacted seller direct. He showed me email responses to Ebay and explained to me his property was flooded causing delay, That was never told to me by Ebay.

Amazon returns if needed are just absolutely the best. Yes ,Prime membership is an added cost,however given shipping costs itis easy to recovery it very quickly.

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I buy a fair amount of small,

I buy a fair amount of small, miscellaneous stuff for my business from amazon. It's great. I don't have to compile a list of what I'm short on for a trip to a specialized store. I see I'm low on cyan toner in one of my printers, I get my phone out, and literally 30 seconds later I'm done, knowing that the order I place at 3 pm Friday will actually arrive on Sunday. It's scary how easy it is.

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To me, the biggest advantage

To me, the biggest advantage of amazon is the ability to see what other people who have bought the thing you're looking at can say about it. If it sucks, if it was great, if it was great until it broke.... all those reviews are of incredible value (over time I've learned to pick out the fake ones, but it does take time.)

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I've not had any issues with

I've not had any issues with PayPal or Ebay and I buy quite a lot of merchandise from EBay. Amazon is better but since Amazon started to charge Maine sales tax earlier this year I often look for other sources.

Roger S
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My problem with both Amazon

My problem with both Amazon and Ebay has come from shipping with USPS. More times than not the package arrives looking like it survived a session with the Samsonite gorilla and a few times the item has been damaged. Amazon's return policy has been great on damaged items. The Ebay items have been one of a kind things that were insured but I was still out the shipping.

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Like Matt said, Amazon is

Like Matt said, Amazon is scary easy. 'Buy now with one click' might be the slickest move in retail history.

But I do have a couple of issues with them. First, Prime merchandise can be a little too elusive. If the shirt says Prime, it ought to be Prime in all colors and sizes. I am a Prime member. You mark it Prime, I want it Prime. Second is reviews. Amazon is notorious for allowing reviews to flow from one model to the next. Same reviewer, same words, over different models and features. That could be a user problem but Amazon needs to police a little integrity into that system.

And now Amazon has drop boxes. On the road and running low on travel wipes? They now offer next day delivery near you. Screw stopping at Walmart.

Scary convenient.

Bruce Libby
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Agree on items listed as

Agree on items listed as Prime but not all colors etc..

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