Paid by Outside Sources?

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Paid by Outside Sources?

The schmuck charged with doxxing Republican Senators was stated by Sheila Jackson Lee as being an unpaid intern. What she fails to say is that her office is apparently not writing the check to this ass clown working for another ass clown. Rather, the aforementioned schmuck is being paid by "outside sources" as yet un-named. I'm betting that when and if the "source" is named it will lead directly to the necrotic Nazi. Maybe they are again trying to create the situation that led to the attempted murder of Steve Scalise? Thanks bitches all............

Just in case you may have forgotten the real object of the exercise-as in if you can't beat them at the ballot box, kill them or incite someone crazy enough to kill them. BTW, I and I rather imagine others look forward to reports of Jackson Cosko's upcoming career as a "toy boy" in the prison system-have fun cupcake.

Just a little more on what has become the stock in trade of the left. Does anyone in their right mind want this sort of guttersnipe rubbish to have a say directly or indirectly with their kids future?