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An Oldie but a Goodie

The following was posted on November 9, 2016.

What will Happen with a Trump Victory?

Virtually nothing and to the dismay of some of the usual detractors I’m going to tell you why. Trump, like Obama got elected on the promise of change. The rest of his party that could accomplish his goals only if they succeeded in gaining control of the Congress which they knew was not going to happen. Therefore, they went along with the Obama rants about change but ran on the basis of maintaining the status quo. (Trump's party was the Tea Party and they may have elected Republicans but they were not followers of Trump, but the old guard)

The only thing the Democrats accomplished that fit in with Obama’s vision of change was the Affordable Care Act and that was in reality a tax as was Social Security, Medicare and other entitlement programs that have been funded both by taxes and the printing of money through borrowing. Opening the floodgates to illegal immigration, another of Obama’s items of change to solidify the increase in Democratic (government dependent) voters he had to accomplish through intentional failure to enforce the immigration laws. Any other brainstorm he might have had would require control of the House and Senate by Democrats who supported his schemes. That all of them do not is evidenced by some of them objecting to the usurpation of their power through making of regulations having the force of law that affected the constituency that supports them; both labor unions and corporations that must comply with federal regulations.

Like Paul Lepage, Trump will be faced with a Republican majority that itself is split, in the same manner as that during the reign of Newt Gingrich. His mustangs were either tamed or sent to pasture by the “Old Guard” by the existence of Congressional rules that are designed to perpetuate the power of the “Old Guard” in each party. When the Republican Congress had an opportunity to change these rules they did not in preservation of the status quo. It is why in the Senate; certain legislation requires 60 votes and not a simple majority. Neither party wants to change it now that it is in place because it trumps the old filibuster that allowed legislation to be blocked but only so long as one of them could hold the floor and delay a vote. A filibuster does not block a vote but the new rule insures that it now takes 60 votes to pass certain legislation giving power to the minority party neither wants to lose should they be in the minority.

Even if Trump could get the Congress to go along with the repeal of every law passed by the Congress and return us the limitations on it in the beginning and restore the federal government to role set out for it and that was a defender of the States and their welfare there would still be the States, who would then control the distribution of their wealth and continue to distribute it through the state tax code. If this is distributed unevenly as it must because of the economic system we have adopted, nothing would change except, the state’s poorer in nature’s wealth would lose population to those with more or the citizens of the state would rebel against those holding the wealth either individually or in mass through civil war. The latter condition is and has been occurring slowly but inexorably throughout the world and will ultimately manifest itself more openly in the United States. This is happening because sooner or later the saying that you can’t have your cake and eat it too becomes a reality.