No Social Conservatives, No GOP Majority

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No Social Conservatives, No GOP Majority

[i]Editor's Note: I came across this Nat'l Review yesterday. I had underlined portions of the article. This portion caught my eye in the wake of the HD 83 race.[/i]

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Social conservatives are blamed every time Republicans lose elections. When Republicans win big...[there are] cries of an impending theocracy in America.

Neither...blame nor...panic is justified. Bottom line: Bush owed his reelection to social conservatives mainly in the same sense winning Republican candidates owed their elections to social conservatives for the last generation.

Christian conservatives give as many votes to Republicans as blacks/labor unions combined.

Social conservatism is an asset to Republicans....

Source: [i]Conservatives on the Couch[/i], Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review, 11/20/06