No discussion about Sessions?

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No discussion about Sessions?

Day after he loses the house, he fires Sessions and replace him with a sycophant.

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He has finally learned about

He has finally learned about timing?

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Maybe the sims are less

Maybe the Dims are less concerned with ending the Russia probe and more worried that there is someone in place who will follow up on the FBI corruption and hillary’s Russian connection and maybe a revisit of washerman Schultz and the Pakistanis ....Session was pretty benign

Bruce Libby
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What is there to discuss ?

What is there to discuss ?
Issues between the two have been well known .
The appointing of cabinet posts are totally the responsibility of the President thus the change
in any post is also up to the president.

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There will be holy hell to

There will be holy hell to pay. I’m sure.

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Nothing holy about it. Dems

Nothing holy about it. Dems can't take not having their own way for their own pick to hold selected positions in order to direct the narrative.
I would love to see a follow up on the lawlessness of Hillary and the others taken to the extreme. Perhaps it would be a good snap of the neck and help get this country back on track. Note: (see: Kavanaugh nomination for the Supreme Court, also, see: Bork nomination for the Supreme Court. )

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