Nice Guys Finish Last - Salvadorians Gotta Go

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Nice Guys Finish Last - Salvadorians Gotta Go

The adage about Nice Guys is correct in this situation. America allowed 200,000 Salvadorians to either come to America or stay here if they came illegally because of the danger to them from the earthquakes. This generous and kind gesture was to be temporary. That was 17 years ago and they are still here. The spineless, gonad deprived brain donors running our country up until Trump just ignored the matter. Trump didn't. He gave them a dead line to apply legally to be here or get their fannies back to the sh*thole from whence they came.

To be expected that knuckle dragging, frothing at the mouth, anti-American Liberal Left and some fake Republicans and every show-flake on the planet has gone bonkers over this very sane and proper move. They call this "racial cleansing", "monstrous", likening it to "German Nazi occupations" and the "Armenian genocide" by Turkey. Hyperbole much?

This is sort of like when your neighbors house burns down and you let them stay with you until they can make other arrangement, but, when you think it is time for them to go they don't and won't and your neighbors yell at you for being so mean.

Gotta Go

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Maybe they did and I missed

Maybe they did and I missed it? Nah. I searched.

Did anyone in media even try to find a grateful Salvadoran? Has a single Salvadoran stepped up to say thank you?

I understand 17 years and an 18 month heads up is kind of short notice but US generosity must have helped a little.

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The quote is attributable to

The quote is attributable to Leo Durocher former baseball manager.

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