Next Weeks Scheduled Invasion

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Next Weeks Scheduled Invasion

According to the link our next scheduled invasion is for Wednesday the 15th. There is of course no emergency, just our weekly invasion by illegals to further debase our economy and the rule of law. Perhaps they will bring a few drug shipments and some unknown ailments with them. All is well. Just ask any leftist or if you prefer, Willard the rat, aka Mittens Romney.

Isn't it refreshing to see a junior senator who has barely yet found the men's room at the senate decide he is in a position to determine such matters, especially in opposition to both the president and his alleged party. It does however cement in continuum his value since day one of being as useful as breasts on a boar hog. Great job Willard. Perhaps you can next run for president-of Venezuela..............

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“...our next scheduled

“...our next scheduled invasion is for the Wednesday the 15th”.

Thanks for the heads up, Cheech. I want to be prepared for this but I need clarification. Is it happening on the 15th., which is Tuesday, or on Wednesday, which is the 16th.? I’ve got a busy stretch of days coming up and I can’t afford to retreat to my bunker until absolutely necessary. Thanks.

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Why don't you go in just

Why don't you go in just after church on Sunday and stay till Friday, just in case.

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" It advertises a 5 a.m.

" It advertises a 5 a.m. departure Jan. 15 from the northern city of San Pedro Sula"

I stand corrected, it is Tuesday. When you retreat to your bunker don't forget your binky & teddy bear.................

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I've wondered about the

I've wondered about the effects of the immigrant crisis on Costa Rica , I have friends who live there.... Rica is often thought of as the “Switzerland of the Americas.”

With a stable democracy and no standing army, the small Central American country of 4.8 million is often referred to as the “exception” to the conflict, violence and poverty faced in other Latin American countries. In particular, Costa Ricans pride themselves on their strong health care and education systems.

But Costa Ricans have increasingly faced social and economic challenges that threaten their exceptional status. In response, many Costa Ricans have projected their anxieties onto immigrants.

In 2005, a Costa Rican congressman named Ricardo Toledo gave a passionate speech criticizing immigrants who “come to kill our women; many of them come to rob our banks; to rob our sons and daughters in the streets.”

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It must be true. The linked

It must be true. The linked content has disappeared. They must have evacuated very quickly !

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Have you called and left a

Have you called and left a message for our DC Critters asking them to support our need to build the wall?

If not, please take a few minutes today and do it... we must tell our "elected officials" what they need to do on this important matter.
BTW, you can call the DC switchboard for our Congress Critters and leave a message at 202-224-3121.

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