New news about Senator Susan Collins

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New news about Senator Susan Collins

Have you heard the latest news about Senator Susan Collins? If not, you might want to check this out:

August 12, 2017

“JUST IN: 11 GOP Senators Backstab President Trump To Protect McConnell, Check The Names”

But, 11 GOP Senators stood with Mitch McConnell on this one. Cornyn, Corker, Tillis, Isakson, Collins, Hatch, Gardner, Heller, Flake, Young, and Capito supported McConnell.

“Majority Leader McConnell understands the Senate is deliberative & diverse body. He enjoys broad support in our Caucus,” tweeted Collins.



So what do the bosses at Maine GOP think about this ongoing fiasco by US Senator Susan Collins?

Will they do or say anything about what she has been doing?

If not, should we stop sending donations to the Maine GOP?

So, what are your thoughts on this stuff???

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Go ahead, stop sending money

Go ahead, stop sending money to the ME GOP, it will only hurt them as the Party has been a net receiver of dough from Collins. She gave them money to keep the lights on at one point.

Bruce Libby
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Answer to alleged problem:

Answer to alleged problem:
Do not vote for her again when she is on a ballot regardless of office being voted on.
Until then their support for the leader is just propoganda.

This isssue is a Senate problem they said they were going to do it. They didn't. If hey do not it is their falure.

Oh, is this really new ?

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