The New Casino

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The New Casino

The referendum vote on the new casino is a classic case of a law that is a bill of attainder. These laws were abolished when the Magna Carta was signed giving freedoms to the Lords of the Realm in England. Essentially this prohibition assured the King could not single out any one of them for special punishment, essentially unequal treatment. Simply, if the King made a law, it had to apply to everyone, which is the way it should be.

The referendum, if passed would give a single individual the right to build a casino. This is therefore a bill of attainder, made unconstitutional not only under the State's Constitution but of the of the U. S. Constitution.

When you examine them, every income tax law is a bill of attainder because it singles out members of certain income groups as opposed to taxing everyone equally. They are further compounded by exceptions and exemptions.

Will our legislators recognize this referendum as such if passed? The answer is no because none have come forward to challenge on this basis because it jeopardizes thousands of pieces of legislation already passed, some found constitutional after challenge.