Mueller's team

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Mueller's team
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Mueller can say that he's Donald Duck or a Republican if he wants. The fact is that there is not one Republican or conservative on the 16 member team of left wingers, many of whom have had considerable problems with disclosure rules, with Meuller having involvement in the Whitey Bulger fiasco when he was in Boston which nearly sent three men to the electric chair in spite of the FBI being aware of their innocence. Spare us the fair and balanced bilge water, the whole bunch are simply bought and paid for left-wing character assassins.

BTW, Rosenstein's ex hoc memo asserting that after the pre-dawn Manifort raid, it was "OK" in that Mueller "knew Rosenstein would issue authorization". These two are so close that they read each others minds? Does this mean the cops can go get a warrant after the fact, or since they seem to have invented it only they can use it? Banana republic stuff at it's finest, thanks to two buddies in bed to get rid of Trump at any cost. The cost being at this point being any shred of credibility either may have had-just not lately. Oh and least we forget, about 20 million, so far, for a left-wing snipe hunt that in reality is little more than impeding at every turn the administration, an of course tax payer paid DNC opposition research. Top drawer research since the intel and justice communities are doing it.

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