Mueller Hauled Before FISA Court

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Mueller Hauled Before FISA Court

That paragon of judicial BS, ms mueller, according to The Hill, was hauled before the FISA Court to explain what is described as 75 cases of withholding exculpatory evidence/withholding material facts in securing FISA warrants. Both he & the "pitbull" have a decades-long history of withholding exculpatory evidence & violating discovery rules, which was BTW part of ms mueller's monumental CF in the Hell's Angels trials prior to his being booted to Boston. It was also part & parcel of the pitbull's 9-0 loss at the Supreme Court. It is hardly anything new to the two aforementioned schmucks. It is simply another day at the office. There are a number of suits currently in progress, one of which may make Carter Page a millionaire. It would be nice if the members of this judicial gang rape got to buy General Flynn's house back for him out of their pockets. According to Dan Bongino, the "intelligence community" is withholding evidence that would totally exonerate him. Again nothing new, just the gruesome twosome leaving a trail of slime like a pair of slugs. While the matter is somewhat dated, The Hill finally pull at least some of it into public view. The cabal skates dangerously close to the mess which makes it entirely likely the "dossier" was used to create the independent counsel with Rosenstein being a key player in this ongoing travesty.