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More Charity Stuff

While I like Charity Navigator, its new interface and search tools are downright complicated. Still some of the data is very interesting. The list at the link below shows the top 10 charities who spend huge amounts of the donations on operations and fund raising. Take a look at the Cancer Survivors Fund. They spend 96% of the charitable donations on For-profit Fund raising and other expenses. Not how I want to donate.

Gimmie Some Money, got a boat payment due

Melvin Udall
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I'm dismayed that 5 of the 10

I'm dismayed that 5 of the 10 are affiliated with "first responders.'

But I'm increasingly fed up with all manner of charities, non-profits, and political affiliates that are driving me nuts, and clearly are making for-profit solicitation firms rich in the process. I'm going to skinny my list way down, and this won't be the first time.

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We can’t expect firefighters

We can’t expect firefighters to raise their own money. They have other construction and electrician jobs to attend to during their five days off each week.

On the other hand, I’ve gotten calls from the local police asking for donations for various events or drives, and it’s disconcerting, and unethical—“this is sargeant so and so, give me a call please regarding your business”—only to find out it’s a solicitation.

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