Minor Corruption in Small Towns

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Minor Corruption in Small Towns

Admittedly this matter is small potatoes but it is illustrative of how corruption seeps into all levels of government. A Warren resident says that fill generated by digging projects in Warren is supposed to go to the closest resident's location to save taxpayer money on disposal. He claims the fill has been delivered to Town employees who live further away contrary to Town regulations.

What this minor matter tells us is to keep a close eye on your Town government at all times.

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This was on ESPN radio, today

This was on ESPN radio, today. I'm pretty sure it was a Toledo affiliate because that's about where I was.

In an earlier life, one of the local cohosts was employed by the state. His job was to count trailer loads of gravel going from a pit to a state project. A few days in to the assignment, he learned that the contractor employed another guy to count the same thing for billing, obviously. At some point they met, compared notes, devised a plausible, recording formula and spent the remainder of the project bowling all day instead of working.

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