Maybe You Heard it Here, First

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Maybe You Heard it Here, First

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: The 10 News Stories Most Ignored By the Mainstream Media


1. Lead in Pipes Could Soon Make Water Unaffordable for One-Third of Americans

2. The Army Spent $6.5 Trillion It Can't Explain

3. The Pentagon Paid to Create Fake News About Al-Qaeda for Iraqis

4. 200,000 Wisconsin Voters Were Kept Away From the Polls, and Trump Won the State by 22,000 Votes

5. The Trump Campaign Used Computer Analytics to Craft His Message

6. Pharmaceutical Companies Are Accidentally Creating "Superbugs" That Resist Antibiotics

7. The Navy Is Killing Pacific Sea Otters With Torpedoes

8. Women Are Dying in Childbirth Far More Often in the U.S., Even as Other Countries Make Pregnancy Safer

9. The Democratic National Committee Says It Can Legally Pick Whomever It Wants as the Presidential Nominee

10. Governments Across the Globe Shut Down Internet Access to Quiet Protests

Posted as a public service. If you wake up tomorrow and still don't know this stuff you'll have only yourselves to thank.

I mean blame.

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Gee, thanks for cheering us

Gee, thanks for cheering us up, taxfoe.

Just when we thought all we have to worry about is the little guy in NK.

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My take...

My take...

#1 Already is.
#2 FAKE. The entire DoD budget couldn't account for that much, in any of the fake versions seen. (Usually, it's Navy)
#3 Probably... they sometimes use disinformation
#4 Probably balanced by the number of fake votes, dead voters, illegals, etc., who are allowed to vote.
#5 Most campaigns do, but over reliance on analytics can court disaster... like what happened to HER.
#6 Probably, and you do the same if you take antibiotics when you don't need them.
#7 At Puget Sound? Navy has worked hard to avoid it...
#8 Unsure... have not seen any stats on this.
#9 YES, and they did it in a court filing too. No denying it - the Democratic Party is NOT democratic.
#10 Once those governments gained control of the local internet, it was inevitable they'd use it.

Anyone else?

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