Maybe there's hope

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Maybe there's hope

I've been a critic of government employees for a long time. My travels this last week have taken me to the west and I had the opportunity to visit the Arches National Park in Utah.... admission $25 ......On entering the park On the fee sign I saw "Agency Lifetime Pass-$10",I thought to myself hmmm is that a deal for federal employees???? I thought typical........
Anyway paid $25 and was wowed by the Arches......The next day we went to the Grand Canyon.....the fee for entry was $30..... When I handed the young lady my credit card and ID she said " I see you are 62 , you qualify for a lifetime agency pass for $10" ....I had no idea.... Here's the good part ,when I asked why they didn't tell me that at the Arches yesterday she said ,"well they should have,do you have the receipt?If you do I'll refund $15 onto your card ." I did and she did..... a little glimmer in the dark....... by the way seeing the Grand Canyon literally brought tears to my eyes...........overwhelming.

On another note ,I know now that Dorothy was not swept up ina tornado in Kansas ,she jumped on board.......