Maine!...notable achievements

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Maine!...notable achievements

It seems very difficult to believe but Maine ranks pretty high in how much money it takes from its citizens to do such things as choose the State desert.

In the article linked below you will see that of the 50 states, Maine ranks:

- 10th in Property Tax Collections. Right up there with the Liberal states like NY, Mass, RI and higher than California.

- 19th in State income taxes. (1=good)

- One of the few states with an inheritance tax.

- 41st (nearly last) on size of corporate taxes. (1=good)

It is interesting to go through the data and see where we are last or first on taxes etc.

Tax me, eight to the bar

Bruce Libby
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Not with just 1.3 million

Not with just 1.3 million people.
At least three of the four above if changed in anyway (Positively) result in a negative revenue loss.

How do we make up any losses resulting from any changes .
Obviously cut expenditures and then maintain services .

That is what these tables really do not give answers to.

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