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At least the writer of this piece realizes it...

On another occasion, I carried my own organic instant coffee into the local diner, Popcorn Willie, and asked for hot water. I had some organic sprouted wheat bread with me which I wondered if the waitress might toast, too, I said. Although she grudgingly complied, the looks I received, and deserved, revealed palpable disgust at my outsider ways – elite predilections that people in Amity and the nearby town of Prosperity had neither the time nor the means to indulge.

Who does things like this? Is it now OK to bring my steak into a vegan diner and demand that it be cooked for me?

If I go to a diner, it's to try their fare not bring my own. Liability alone would probably be a sufficient reason to refuse. I'm amazed she wasn't thrown out.

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Well, many restaurants allow

Well, many restaurants allow you to bring your own wine and then charge you a corkage fee.

But yeah the toast thing is pretty over the top... it's not being an outsider, it's being insensitive to the people that work there. They get paid based on how much you buy, and if you bring your own (like bringing your own oil to the service station, something my parents did for years), it shows that you have no idea (and thus do not care) what the server is experiencing.

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Who does things like this?

Who does things like this?

I ask myself that question about your posting habits. I mean, what kind of deviant scours the internet to find one offs to froth about?

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The Guardian essay makes an

The Guardian essay makes an interesting "What's wrong with Kansas?" story.

Eliza Griswold writes like an earnest young duke who's trying to connect with the natives in some exotic and faraway land so he can explain them to readers back in London.

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At times a valid question !

At times a valid question !

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