The Left's Next Big Thing

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The Left's Next Big Thing

From the below link:

"Fresh off getting their britches kicked over the Kavanaugh nomination the American left has come up with yet another scheme to stymie the GOP and strangle the MAGA program in its cradle.This is the product of John Burton, an Obama acolyte and political activist who, harnessing the crowdsourcing process (the "Wiki effect"), has signed up an army of amateur volunteers to examine the records of dozens of vulnerable GOP candidates with the intention of publicizing these findings in a string of October surprises."

A good read if you have time. The diamond near the bottom is this: "The Democrats are the Wile E. Coyotes of the political world."

The Left's Next Big Thing

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An effort to do exactly the

An effort to do exactly the same to the leftists should commence immediately. Release to the world press, since the domestic press will silence the results.

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Problem is that nobody on the

Problem is that nobody on the right has time for such nonsense.
They've all got jobs.

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Exactly, we all work for

Exactly, we all work for companies not willing or interested in committing accounting fraud in order to hide expenses related to endless political activities. Those damn morals get in the way for conservatives...

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“Conservatives,” “accounting,

“Conservatives,” “accounting,” “morals.”


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