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Leftist Math

Oh, sorry. Oxymoron. Must be "new math". Either way, it doesn't add up.


“CBO found the economy was stronger last year than previously estimated, and that puts a higher price tag on the tax cuts because more people would otherwise be paying higher rates this year. On top of that, CBO now believes top earners will get less of the income pie in the coming years, which means less revenue coming into the government.”

This is the most convoluted logic in modern times. Thanks to the tax cut and other Trump policies, growth is $6 trillion higher. And yet because tax rates are lower, CBO says the feds will get less of that extra money in revenues.

Even more remarkable is that CBO says the rich will get a smaller share of the economic pie over the next decade. Wait a minute. I thought the Democrats said this was a tax cut for millionaires and billionaires. Guess not.